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Generating scenarios for future trends in the status of biodiversity and ecosystem services requires a good scientific understanding of the state of the environment, the drivers of change, and the mechanisms by which they interact. In this questionnaire we are trying to identify the main knowledge gaps and the outstanding research questions concerning the future of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Norway.

The aim of this project is to write a report of the 50 most important questions for biodiversity and ecosystem scenarios for Norway, as well as to form a national network of experts on these topics that can help us to answer these questions in the future.

We have received many helpful answers to our questionnaire. Thank you very much to everyone that took the time to contribute! We are working with the answers that we have received, but are still open for more responses. We are particularly interested in responses from those working in management and those with a background in social science.

We encourage contributions from as many people as possible, in research, policy and management arenas. In the online survey, you will be able to register your interest in being part of the ScenNet network, as well as contribute by helping to identify the most important questions and building up an expert database.

Questionnaire in English

Questionnaire in Norwegian