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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Scenarios Network (ScenNet Norway)

In the light of rapid global change and biodiversity loss, there has been an increased focus on biodiversity scenarios and ecosystem services. Scientific information is already considered in policy design and decision-making processes at different national and global scales, but mechanisms are needed to synthesize and evaluate this information for practical application. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a platform for the exchange of ideas between researchers, assessment bodies, and stakeholders. The ScenNet project aims to help fill this gap.

The goal of ScenNet is to develop a community of researchers that work on the interactions between socio-economic scenarios, and models of global change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. This will be done by building national and international networks of experts, and by developing a web-based networking tool. Both of these measures are proposed to ease communication, as well as support the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), and Future Earth.

ScenNet includes eight different countries on five continents. One of these countries is Norway. Experts on global change on biodiversity and ecosystem services are employed by various universities and institutes in Norway, and there is currently no joint platform of communication. Thus, the various experts within terrestrial, marine, and freshwater systems remain to be identified.

The Norwegian branch of the ScenNet project is led by John-Arvid Grytnes and the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen. Tessa Bargmann (UiB) is the project administrator.


Updated: 01.09.2016